About Us

Three Lions Pantry is a family owned and operated online store based in Georgia. We provide the best selection of British foods and traditional items to the US.


We opened our online store to provide Brits in the US and our American friends a taste of home. All our products are sourced through UK importers here in the US. We are always striving to add to our inventory and are always on the lookout for new suppliers that can provide great products for our customers.


We know from our experience moving to a new country, that having that taste of home is important. Whether it’s the taste of mince pies or Christmas pudding during the holidays or just having a hankering for a fruit pastille, we have you covered.

Even if you’re not from the UK but are curious about the foods, we have something for everyone. Many Brits can identify at least one food that makes them think of home.


We are constantly expanding our inventory to offer the best selection of Chocolates, Teas, sweets, biscuits etc. to you, our customers. Check back with us frequently to see all the new products we add to our store. If there is a product you feel we should be carrying, then let us know. We are always open to product suggestions and recommendations.